3<sup>rd</sup> Prize

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Yongqiu Liu — Classic Piano 2024

A scholarship student at the Music Middle School Attached to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Yongqiu has begun her music studies at 4 and a half years of age. By age 8, Yongqiu has won the gold award of the Final for National Excellent Pianist in Piano Grading Test.

After winning the second Prize at Youth Group of the 12th International Chopin Competition in Poland, she was invited to perform at by the Polish Embassy in China, to great acclaim. Youngqiu successfully performed and competed in China, Europe and Russia and USA, taking the Fourth Prize in the Ninth Tchaikovsky International Piano Youth Competition in Novosibirsk in 2015, and winning the First Prizes in both Solo concert performances and Piano Concerto competition at the New York International Youth Music Festival in 2015.

Currently Yongqiu studies with Professor Ting Zhou. Yongqiu is also a recipient of NIU Ende Piano Scholarship, FU Chengxian Scholarship and Shanghai Literary and Artistic Talent Scholarship.


2019 Bösendorfer and Yamaha USASU International Piano Competitions (Arizona, USA) [2nd Prize]

2018 Malta International Piano Competition (Valletta, Malta) [3rd Prize]

2017 Asian Piano Open Competition (Shanghai, China) [1st Prize]

2017 International e-Piano Junior Competition (Minneapolis, USA) [5th Prize]

2013 Chopin International Competition for Children & Youth (Poznan, Poland) [2nd Prize]

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3<sup>rd</sup> Prize