Fifth Day of Classic Piano's Third Round

Fifth Day of Classic Piano's Third Round

The fifth day of round three of the Classic Piano International Competition came to a close today.

Fifth Day of Classic Piano's Third Round

Today's schedule of competitors marked the end of the fifth day of the third round of Classic Piano, presenting performances by another three of the round's eighteen participants. 


Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor and Alexey Shor's Piano Concerto "Travel Notebook" provided the programme, with performances taking place alongside the Armenian State Symphony Orchesta conducted by Sergey Smbatyan.


All candidates presented excellent performances, afterwards noting their enjoyment of the works and the challenge of presenting two concertos consecutively,  an arguably unusual requirement in the piano world.  Nonetheless, we are pleased to announce that all three competitors performed admirably, providing an enjoyable and illuminating afternoon for the audience members present and those watching online. 


You can view live streams of the Classic Piano competition by visiting our website, or catch up on past performances by visiting our YouTube channel. 

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