· How do I take part in the “Classic Piano” competition in Malta? 

— The competition in Malta is the final stage (consisting four rounds) of the international piano competition, “14 Ways to Malta”.  To be eligible to participate in this final stage you must first compete in one of the 14 preliminary rounds taking place in various cities around the world. Competing in Malta is dependent on being ranked as one of the top five competitors in one of the 14 preliminary rounds. To find out more, select here.

· What are the competition prizes?

— There are 8 prizes available to winning competitors in the final stage in Malta, ranging from €3,000 to €200,000. The 1st prize is divided into an award of €100,000 and a subsequent tour of 20 concerts across a range of countries with a total honorarium of €100,000  For more information please select here.

· How often is the “Classic Piano” competition held? 

— The “Classic Piano” competition is held once every three years. During the intervening time a series of international piano competitions are held, with the five top-ranked competitors from each location being selected for the “Classic Piano” competition in Malta. For more information about the competition please select here.

· In which countries does the concert tour awarded to the winner take place? 

— The international tour awarded to the pianist in 1st place is held in 18 countries around the world with two countries hosting two concerts. The list is as follows: Austria (Vienna, Salzburg), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg), Switzerland, Turkey, USA and UK.

· Does the EUFSC organise other competitions available to instrumentalists of other disciplines? 

— In addition to the “Classic Piano” Competition, the European Foundation for Support of Culture organises the "Classic Winds", "Classic Strings" and "Chamber Classic" competitions.. For more information please visit our website here.